As a small charity, we love developing relationships with local businesses. These partnerships can help in the fight against homelessness, as well as supporting businesses to meet their corporate social responsibility objectives. We work closely and collaboratively on an individual basis with all our corporate partners to produce a bespoke package which aims to meet both your needs and ours.

Why should your business support a local charity? We can think of a few reasons…

Give something back to your local community and to the cause you are supporting. 

You could connect with a whole new audience of like-minded business people from a range of sectors, you would otherwise have had no access to.

Working on fundraising and volunteering activities can create team building opportunities and help you forge new and internal relationships across all levels.

The effects of linking with a local charity on both the internal and external perception of your brand will be positive.

Fundraising events will offer endless opportunities for a positive marketing message and the charity will echo and amplify this through its own platforms and marketing material.

The link between your business and the charity will build brand awareness and enhance brand perception.

This may be simple and obvious, but giving back to the community and helping a cause which you feel passionately about should never be underestimated.

Four ways to partner with CENS - working together to end homelessness!

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