Frequently Asked

We get funding from a variety of sources. We are lucky to have recently been awarded a National Lottery grant which has enabled us to refurbish the shelter and ensure that it is Covid-safe. We also receive funding from referrals via housing benefit. Additional funding comes through donations, fundraising and sponsorships.

The residents do not directly pay rent, but the shelter receives payment through their housing benefit. In addition we request that residents pay a £3 per night fee, which covers all their meals and enables us to pay heating, electricity, water, council tax etc.

CENS is a not-for-profit organisation, but in order for us to survive and run the shelter in a safe and efficient manner, we need to ensure that we can cover the costs related to keeping the shelter open. We ask our residents to contribute a small amount of money to their living costs, as we believe this shows a commitment from them, as well as enabling them to take the first steps towards budgeting and money management.

If you see someone homeless, you should contact Streetlink, either via their app, their website, or you can call them direct at 0300 500 0914. If the situation is an emergency, then don’t hesitate to call 999 for an ambulance or police.

We help all our residents to access the services they need and support them on their journey. We will assess each person’s needs and tailor their support accordingly. We also have a new counselling and wellbeing room to provide privacy and a secure space for therapies and treatments.

Due to funding limitations, we can house each resident for up to 28 days, however in reality we house residents for as long as they are working towards moving forwards. We also have our new move-on accommodation for those residents progressing well in the shelter.

Where possible, we will refer onwards, so that the resident can move forwards to the next stage.

We have a zero tolerance rule on being under the influence or bringing substances into the house. Currently this would immediately result in eviction and a six month ban. We currently breath test residents.

Entry to the project would be refused to protect other residents.

We always welcome donations and will ensure that any money that is donated will go towards helping a homeless person. Find out more about how to donate. How much of my donation goes towards helping a homeless person?
Whether you’re looking to volunteer once or on a regular basis and whatever your skills and interests, there are always a huge variety of volunteering opportunities available here at CENS. Find out more.
Food parcels are gratefully received, as are care parcels. To find out about making a food/care package donation, click here. Whilst we do not request clothing donations, there may be certain times of the year that we require certain items. We will put a call out for these across our social media platforms.
Head to our Homeless Hub for advice and information.