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Reward of Volunteering

Volunteering allows you to connect to your community, to meet new people, to have a positive impact on people’s lives and grow and enhance your social skills. It doesn’t just benefit the cause you are supporting, but it can benefit you, your family and your friends too. We have many volunteering opportunities at CENS from cooking and gardening to teaching life skills and practical learning. Whatever your abilities, interests, skills or knowledge, everyone has something to offer.

What can I do as a volunteer?

Volunteers support us in a variety of ways, depending on our needs and vacancies at any given time. We are also open to new ideas too, so if you have a skill or an interest that you feel could be beneficial to our residents, then we are always open to ideas. Here are a few ways to get involved through volunteering:

Why should you volunteer?
Here are 5 reasons...

Doing something selfless creates a great sense of wellbeing for both you and your staff.

You might learn something, meet interesting people and open up fresh opportunities

Meeting people who work for the charity, other volunteers and the residents can be really rewarding, uplifting and inspirational

It really can be enjoyable, especially if you are doing it as a group or if you can bring something you have a genuine interest in, such as cooking or gardening. Or maybe you want to develop a skill you don’t get to use on a daily basis in your own workplace.

Volunteering at the shelter is all about teamwork, so it will help develop your ability to work within a team and to overcome challenges as a group.

Meet our volunteer chefs!

The chefs at 16 Air Assault Brigade are regular volunteers in the kitchens at CENS and here they share their story...