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Different forms...

There are many forms of homelessness and it can affect anyone and everyone at any stage of their life. The causes and effects are complicated and varied and often so intrinsically linked that a cyclical situation can be created which is hard to break free from. Here are a few facts, but if you’d like to find out more, you can access the links where you’ll find more research and statistics.


The number of people sleeping rough on a single night in Autumn 2020, despite Everyone In scheme


The number of homeless people who died in the UK in 2020 - a rise of 37% since 2019

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The number of homeless people either taking drugs or recovering from drug related problems

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The number of homeless people reporting a physical health problem


The number of homeless households living in temporary accommodation in December 2020

The Causes...

Rough sleeping is probably the most visible and harmful form of homelessness, but sofa surfing or living in temporary or unstable accommodation such as a hotel or a B&B are also forms of what can be termed ‘hidden homelessness’. These hidden homeless may be experiencing less life-threatening situations, but they are still menatally and physically challenging and can eventually lead to rough sleeping.

There may be many reasons why someone can find themselves homeless, including mental and physical health issues, problems with drugs or alcohol, relationship or family issues, including physical and mental abuse and economic hardship and unemployment.

Homeless support in Colchester...

Our main aim is to move people away from the harmful and dangerous environment of the streets, where they are more vulnerable and in a potentially life-threatening situation and to bring them into the safety of secure accommodation, with access to support and advice. People can either be referred or self-refer to us, whereupon we can assess their situation and either offer the appropriate support ourselves or direct them to a more suitable agency or charity.

If you want to find out more about homelessness in the UK, read some of the latest research, articles and reports below...