We need your help!

This is a critical time and we need your donations to ensure we can continue helping those most vulnerable within our community. We need your help now, more than ever, to help raise funds for the refurbishment and running of the shelter.

Open every day

From housing and health to learning and support, we aim to help the homeless move on to permanent, independent living. CENS can play a crucial supporting role, by moving vulnerable people away from the streets and into a safe, secure, healthy environment, where they can access the services and advice they need to begin to move forward.

Get Involved!

We would never be able to provide the level of support we do, without the generosity and kindheartedness of our collaborative agencies and advocates, and we would like to thank everyone who has championed our cause and helped us get to where we are today. However, the journey continues and you can be a part of our success by joining us.

Our Partners

We couldn’t be the success we are without the support, help and collaboration of our partner agencies, organisations and charities.