Charitable Partnerships
Help CENS and the local community whilst boosting your brand awareness and perception.
Financial Donations
If you wish to make a financial contribution please use our donate page
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Do something rewarding
Become a volunteer at CENS. Meet new people and connect with your community.

Collections and Donations


Throughout the year we receive a fantastic amount of donations, including non-perishable groceries such as tinned foods, cereals, biscuits, tea and coffee, which all helps to reduce the food budget. With the shelter now open for longer, we will be producing even more meals, so food donations will be gratefully received. Message us first and keep an eye on our socials. We will be updating the website regularly and posting when we have specific needs. THANK YOU


It can sometimes be necessary for us to provide residents with essential toiletries such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, razors and shower gel. These are all items which can help make our residents feel more independent and valued. However, we have limited storage, so please do not send us anything. We will always post on our social media platforms and website when we are in need of toiletries. Thank you.

Financial Donations

Thanks to everyone who has donated money to CENS. We couldn’t run the shelter without your fantastic support and generous donations. But we still desperately need your help. Every donation you make will help a homeless person, so head to our Donate Page for more information.

If you would like to arrange a collection from your workplace, school or group, then please get in touch.

Corporate Partnerships

As a small charity, we are always keen to develop relationships with local businesses. These partnerships not only help in the fight against homelessness, but they can also support businesses to meet their corporate social responsibility objectives. We work closely and collaboratively on an individual basis with all our corporate partners to produce bespoke packages which meet both your needs and ours.

Why should your business
support a local charity?

Supporting local community

This may be simple and obvious, but giving back to the community and helping a cause which you feel passionately about should never be underestimated.

Networking opportunities

You could connect with a whole new audience of like-minded business people from a range of sectors, you would otherwise have had no access to.

Improve internal relations

Working on fundraising and volunteering activities can create team building opportunities and help you forge new and internal relationships across all levels.

Positive branding

The link between your business and the charity will build brand awareness and enhance brand perception.

PR opportunities

Fundraising events will offer endless opportunities for a positive marketing message and the charity will echo and amplify this through its own platforms and marketing material.

Good for business

Given the choice between 2 companies offering the same products and services, a recent survey found 82% of people would choose the more philanthropic company.

How to partner with CENS

Corporate Donations

You can simply make a monthly or annual financial contribution. We’ll show you exactly how your donation has been spent, and how it has helped your community. You can then share this via social media, local press and other marketing platforms.

Employee Fundraising

Whatever you and your staff fancy setting up as a fundraiser, we can help you get started, with advice, fundraising materials and donation platforms. We can also help publicise your events and increase your media coverage.

Strategic Partnerships

Your business may have a natural link to CENS and therefore you could use your skills and knowledge to actively make a difference to the service we offer to our residents. Whether it be training, practical support, education or donations, we can usually find a creative way to involve your business in a way that benefits both parties.


There are many volunteering opportunities for your business to get directly involved with CENS to deliver a rewarding hands-on experience for your employees. Volunteering is great for team building and morale boosting and can offer a real life enhancing experience.

To find out more about partnerships please contact us using the form below

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Fundraising can be a really enjoyable and fulfilling way of raising money for the shelter. From setting up a cake sale to organising a sponsored event, there are so many ways to fundraise for the shelter and we are here to support you with your ideas.

Ready to get started?

We have a handy guide on how to get your fundraiser started.


The reward of Volunteering

Volunteering allows you to connect to your community,  meet new people, have a positive impact on people’s lives and develop your social skills. Our volunteers are a huge help to us but the experience can also benefit you, your family and your friends. We have many volunteering opportunities at CENS from cooking and gardening to teaching life skills and practical learning. Whatever your abilities, interests, skills or knowledge, everyone has something to offer.

Please note, all volunteers be must be DBS checked and supply 2 references. We will post all specific volunteering opportunities on our socials and website so keep watching.

What can I do?

Volunteers support us in a variety of ways, depending on our needs and vacancies at any given time. We are also open to new ideas too, so if you have a skill or an interest that you feel could be beneficial to our residents, then we are always open to ideas.

Here are a few ways to get involved through volunteering:

  • Cooking
  • Teaching life skills
  • Practical education
  • Gardening
  • Counselling
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Practitioner

5 reasons to try volunteering

Support your community

Doing something selfless creates a great sense of wellbeing and by helping out at CENS, you will be directly benefiting your community

Try something new

You might learn a new skill, meet interesting people and open up fresh opportunities

Get Inspired

Meeting people who work for the charity, other volunteers and the residents can be really rewarding, uplifting and inspirational

Have fun

It really can be enjoyable, especially if you are doing it with friends or colleagues, or if you volunteer to do something you have a genuine interest in, such as cooking or gardening. Or maybe you want to develop a skill you don’t get to use on a daily basis 

Be part of a team

Volunteering at the shelter is all about teamwork, so it will help develop your ability to work with others and to overcome challenges as a group

Give it a try

If you’re interested in volunteering please get in touch with us.